January 22, 2021 SPCSA Board Meeting Support Documents

Agenda Item 3 - Approval of December 4, 2020 and December 11, 2020 Board Meeting Action Minutes

Agenda Item 4 - SPCSA Executive Director’s Report

Nevada Department of Education’s Proposed COVID-19 State Plan Addendum to Nevada’s ESEA Consolidated State Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year

Agenda Item 6a - Charter School Contract Amendment Applications - Mater Academy of Northern Nevada - expansion/addition of a new campus

Agenda Item 6b - Charter School Contract Amendment Applications - Sports Leadership and Management Academy – enrollment amendment, addition of grade levels (proposing to add kindergarten through fifth grades)

Agenda Item 6c - Charter School Contract Amendment Applications - Las Vegas Collegiate – facility and enrollment amendment

Las Vegas Collegiate Multi-Year Projection Budget Workbook

Agenda Item 8 - SPCSA Annual Review and Overview of SPCSA-Sponsored Public Charter Schools

Agenda Item 9 - 2021 Academic and Demographic Needs Assessment

Agenda Item 10 - State Public Charter School Authority Pre-Opening Process

Agenda Item 11 - Annual Report to Nevada’s Department of Education - NRS 388A.351

Agenda Item 12 - 2021 Legislative Update

Legislative Counsel Bureau 2021 Legislative Session Logistics

Agenda Item 13 - Long-Range Calendar