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What are State-Sponsored Charter Schools?

Charter schools are public schools. They are tuition-free public schools, managed by volunteer school boards. Each charter school has a contract with a charter school sponsor, such as the State Public Charter School Authority. The charter school sponsor ensures that the school complies with laws and meets academic goals.

    How can my student attend a charter school?

    All students are eligible to attend public charter schools. A child who can attend a traditional public school can attend a chartered public school.

    To find a charter school best for your student(s), you can review the map linked below of charter schools for the area you’re interested in. On the map, select a school to take a closer look at. You can also review this list of SPCSA Sponsored Charter Schools with links to charter schools in your area.

    How can I find information on the performance of my student’s charter school or prospective charter school?

    See various Nevada Department of Education profiles of schools and their performance in different areas. Search for schools and find their academic performance star rating reports, or data on graduation rates, Math/ELA proficiency, enrollment, and more.

    SPCSA Performance Reports

    In its regulatory oversight role, the SPCSA reviews and rates specific Academic, Financial, and Organizational performance of state charter schools.

    What do I do if I have a problem with a charter school?

    To submit a comment or complaint about an SPCSA sponsored charter school, you can submit it directly to the school. Click the list of charter schools link below to find SPCSA sponsored charter schools' contact information on their website.

    In certain circumstances, complaints may be submitted directly to the SPCSA. For more information, please click the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority Complaint Process link below.

    For Further Information, please contact:

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