November 6, 2020 SPCSA Board Meeting Support Documents

Consent Agenda Item 3a - Approval of October 2, 2020 Board Meeting Action Minutes

Consent Agenda Item 3b - Founders Academy of Las Vegas Contract Amendment Application

Agenda Item 4 - SPCSA Executive Director’s Report

Agenda Item 6 - State Public Charter School Authority Organizational Performance Framework Recommendations

Agenda Item 7 - SPCSA New Charter School Applications

Agenda Item 7b - Las Vegas Montessori Charter Academy (Clark County; proposed grades kindergarten through 8)

Supplemental Responses and Information - Las Vegas Montessori Letter to the SPCSA

Supplemental Responses and Information - Boys and Girls Club Letter of Support

Supplemental Responses and Information - Moapa Band of Paiutes Letter of Support

Agenda Item 8 - Long-Range Calendar