2020 SPCSA Financial Reports

The Financial Performance Framework is intended as a starting point for charter school sponsors to adopt and to evaluate a charter schools’ financial well‐being, health and performance as part of ongoing monitoring and the renewal decision making process. Charter schools have the autonomy to manage their finances consistent with state and federal law; however, sponsors must ensure that the schools they sponsor are financially stable. In the process of renewing or not renewing a charter school, sponsors must determine whether the school is not only academically and organizationally sound, but also financially viable. The Financial Performance Framework provides sponsors a tool to identify schools currently in, or trending towards, financial difficulty and to proactively evaluate and address the problem. The guidance aligns with NACSA’s Principles & Standards for Quality Charter School Authorizing (2012), which states that sponsors should, through a Performance Framework, set clear expectations for “financial performance and sustainability.”

More information regarding the Financial Performance Framework can be found here.

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