2020-2021 SPCSA Site Evaluation Reports

Below, you will find the 2020-2021 Site Evaluation reports for Charter Schools sponsored by the State Public Charter School Authority. Site Evaluations are a critical accountability component to the oversight of schools by the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA) and are fundamental to charter schools’ autonomy. As approved by the Legislature [NRS-388A.150] the Authority is to “provide oversight to the charter schools that it sponsors to ensure that those charter schools maintain high educational and operational standards, preserve autonomy and safeguard the interests of pupils and the community.” In addition, Assembly Bill No. 462, passed by the Legislature during the 80th session (2019) which outlines the responsibilities of the State Public Charter School Authority, in Sec. 6. (i) regarding the legal requirement to conduct site evaluations of each campus of a charter school it sponsors during the first, third and fifth years after entering into or renewing a charter contract. “Such evaluations must include, without limitation, evaluating pupil achievement and school performance at each campus of the charter school and identifying any deficiencies relating to pupil achievement and school performance. The sponsor shall develop a plan with the charter school to correct any such deficiencies.

Site Evaluations allow the SPCSA to assess schools’ student achievement, progress to goals, and fulfillment of their mission, vision, and educational program outlined in their charter. Improving the learning of pupils, and, by extension, the public education system; increased opportunities for learning and access to quality education; and a more thorough and efficient system of accountability for student achievement in Nevada, are all foundational elements of the SPCSA’s mission and the legislative intent of charter schools. These elements are central to the Authority’s on-going evaluation of charter schools. The SPCSA conducts multiple evaluations throughout schools’ charter terms. During Site Evaluations, typically conducted in Years 1, 3, and 5 of a school’s charter terms, multiple pieces of evidence are gathered through classroom observations; focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders such as families, staff, and governing board members; data collection and analysis; document review; and ongoing accountability measures. All evidence is considered and examined through the lens of the Performance Framework and provided criteria, which communicate the expectations of schools in two components that are the focus of Site Evaluations: academic performance and organizational effectiveness.

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