2021-2022 SPCSA Organizational Performance Reports


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The Nevada State Public Charter School Authority (Authority) authorizes, facilitates and oversees SPCSA authorized Nevada public charter schools. The Authority has the responsibility to authorize high-quality charter schools throughout the state, ensure sponsored schools are open to all and prepare all of its students for college and career success and model best practices in charter school sponsorship (NRS 388A.150). The Performance Framework provides for the evaluation of schools based on their ability to operate as sound, independent entities that successfully serve all students. The Organizational Framework indicators define the operational and compliance standards to which all charter schools are held accountable in terms of meeting minimum legal and ethical requirements. They include a review of five key categories: 1) Education Program, 2) Financial Management and Oversight, 3) Governance and Reporting, 4) Students and Employees, and 5) School Environment. More information about the Organizational Performance Framework can be found here,