October 23, 2017 Supporting Documents

Agenda Item 3 - Approval of the October 10, 2017 Action Minutes

Agenda Item 4 - Nevada Connections Academy Findings of Fact (FOF) and Conclusions of Law (COL)

Agenda Item 5 - Phase Two of the Nevada Connections Academy hearing

Ex C CD of Audio File (audio file provided to Authority Members

pdf document

Agenda Item 6 - Revisions to Board and Agency Duties, Policies and Procedures

State Public Charter School Authority Board and Agency Duties, Policies, and Procedures

Agenda Item 8 - Update regarding the Nevada School Performance Framework

Agenda Item 9 - Financial Framework Update

Agenda Item 10 - Discovery Charter School Receiver Update

Agenda Item 14 - Consideration of the American Preparatory Academy Facility Amendment

Agenda Item 15 - Doral Academy of Northern Nevada Facility Update

Agenda Item 17 - Consideration of American Leadership Academy - North Las Vegas request for a charter amendment to contract with a new Educational Management Organization

American Leadership Academy Amendment Application Financial Plan Workbook

American Leadership Academy Amendment Application School Data Workbook