September 28, 2018 SPCSA Board Meeting Support Documents

Agenda Item 3 - Approval of the August 24, 2018 Action Minutes

August 24, 2018 SPCSA Board Meeting Draft Minutes

Agenda Item 5 - Financial Performance Framework Update

Nevada School Financial Performance Framework Update Memorandum

Agenda Item 6 - 2018 Fiscal Year Audit Guidance: Fiscal Year Legal Compliance Questionnaire

Agenda Item 7 - Legacy Traditional School – US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights Update

Agenda Item 8 - Nevada School Performance Framework (“NSPF”) SPCSA School ratings

SPCSA Recommendation Report Other Action - Nevada Connections Academy

SPCSA Recommendation Report Other Action - Nevada Virtual Academy

Nevada Virtual Academy NRS 388A.367 and Stipulated Agreement Notification Letter

Agenda Item 10 - Long-Range Board Calendar