October 23, 2017 Supporting Documents

Agenda Item 3 - Approval of the October 10, 2017 Action Minutes

October 10, 2017 SPCSA Action Minutes

Agenda Item 4 - Nevada Connections Academy Findings of Fact (FOF) and Conclusions of Law (COL)

Nevada Connections Academy Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law 9-12-2017

Nevada Connections FOF COL Response

Nevada Connections Academy FOF COL V.2

Nevada Connections FOF COL V.2 Response

Agenda Item 5 - Phase Two of the Nevada Connections Academy hearing

2017-10-16 NCA Prehearing Brief

SPCSAs Phase 2 Pre Hearing Statement

2017-10-17 Errata to Prehearing Brief

SPCSA Phase II Exhibits 1-9

Motion to Exclude Witness and Evidence

Opp to Motion for Recusal

NCA Prehearing Brief - FINAL_Witness List

Nevada Connections Academy Exhibit List

Ex A NCA Proposed Cure 2017-10-16

Ex B 102616_Transcript of NACSA Conference

Ex C CD of Audio File (audio file provided to Authority Members

Ex D ESSA_Nevada_Consolidated_State_Plan_4.3.17_Finalrev

Ex E ESSA-brings-new-focus-to-home

Ex F Key-takeaways-state

Ex G WCSD article

Ex H Chris McBride Resume_092817

Ex I Sparks Dec and Index

Ex J Guinasso Notes

Ex K 2016-02-22 Board Agenda Item 5--Nevada Virtual High Stakes Review

Ex L 2015-09-28 Staff Briefing Memo re Silver State

Ex M 2015-09-28 Staff Briefing Memo re Closure Overview

Ex N 2016-03-24 Email from Gavin to Board with attached Staff Briefing Memo

Ex O 2016-03-23 Email from Peltier to Board re Follow Up Litigation Call with Ott

Ex P 2016-10-20 Email from Kern to Gavin - Quest.audit.10.2016

Ex Q Ltrs supporting Alt Framework School

Ex R 2016 May Tensquare Application

Ex S 2016-06-24 Emails to Gavin

Ex T 2016-06-07 Email from Johnson to Gavin re proposed takeover

Ex U 2016-02-23 Email from Gavin to Peltier with High Stakes Review attachment

Ex V 2015-09-24 Email from Gavin to Peltier - Longest Recommendation

Ex W Emails re concerns with Receiver Kern

Ex X Receiver Invoices

Ex Y 2016-12-19 Guidance Memo 16-06 Charter School Sponsor Letter_SPCSA

Ex Z 2017-04-05 FY17 Guidance Memo 17-10_Review of Response from SPCSA on GM #16-06

Ex AA 2017-10-12 Item 15 - Achievement School District

Ex BB 2013-2014 Performance Summary


Ex DD March 25 2016 SPCSA Minutes

Ex EE 2016-17 ES2 Academy Success Coach Guide

Ex FF LVRJ article re bullying 10-27-2016

Ex GG Transcript Quotes

Ex HH Minutes of the Assembly March_2017 - excerpts

Ex II NV Report Card_Racial Composition_Perf Summary Accessible

Ex JJ Peter Robertson Declaration

Ex KK Ragley Declaration

Ex LL Parent_Student Declarations

Ex MM 9-28-2015 Memo from Concerned Parents-CDS info

Ex NN ESSA Grad Rate Guidance - P 21 B 18

Ex OO SPCSA 2016-2017 Overview Presentation pp 17 and 23

Ex PP May 20 2016 SPCSA Meeting Transcript

Ex QQ Silver State Settlement Document 2016 03 22

Ex RR Receiver - Kerns Contract for Quest

Ex SS 2017-05-03 Ott Email w confidentiality agt

2017-10-16 NCA Motion for Recusal

Ex 1 2017-08-25 Guinasso opinion piece

Ex 2 Sparks Dec and Index

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 3 cont

Ex 4 Guinasso Notes

Agenda Item 6 - Revisions to Board and Agency Duties, Policies and Procedures

State Public Charter School Authority Board and Agency Duties, Policies, and Procedures

Agenda Item 7 - Authority Board Calendar review

Authority Board Calendar Report

SPCSA Authority Board Calendar

Agenda Item 8 - Update regarding the Nevada School Performance Framework

NSPF Presentation

Nevada School Performance Framework Report

Agenda Item 9 - Financial Framework Update

2017 Financial Framework Revisions October Board Meeting

Financial Performance Framework Workbook Revisions 10-17-17

Agenda Item 10 - Discovery Charter School Receiver Update

Discovery Charter School Receiver Update

Agenda Item 11 - Argent Prep Receiver Update

Argent Prep Receiver Update

Agenda Item 12 - Quest Receiver Update

Quest Receiver Update

Agenda Item 14 - Consideration of the American Preparatory Academy Facility Amendment

American Preparatory Amendment Recommendation Report

American Preparatory Academy Amendment Application

Agenda Item 15 - Doral Academy of Northern Nevada Facility Update

DANN Facility Update

Agenda Item 16 - Consideration of the Athlos Academy of Reno Charter Application Recommendation Report

Athlos Academy Application Re-submission Recommendation Report

Athlos Academy SPCSA Stafff Review Document

Athlos Academy Charter Application

Athlos Academy Charter Application Financial Plan Workbook

Athlos Academy Charter Application EMO Data Workbook

Agenda Item 17 - Consideration of American Leadership Academy - North Las Vegas request for a charter amendment to contract with a new Educational Management Organization

American Leadership Academy Amendment Recommendation Report

American Leadership Academy Amendment Application

American Leadership Academy Amendment Application Financial Plan Workbook

American Leadership Academy Amendment Application School Data Workbook