Discovery Charter School Reconstitution and Receiver RFP

RFQ SPCSA Q2 for Charter School External Reviewers

For purposes of addressing questions concerning any solicitation, the sole contact will be the SPCSA as specified on Page 1 of the solicitation document. Upon issuance of a solicitation, other employees and representatives of the SPCSA will not answer questions or otherwise discuss the contents of the solicitation with any prospective vendors or their representatives. Failure to observe this restriction may result in disqualification of any subsequent proposal per NAC 333.155(3). This restriction does not preclude discussions between affected parties for the purpose of conducting business unrelated to the relevant procurement.

Informal Solicitation

The State of Nevada, State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA) is seeking qualified peer reviewers to read and evaluate charter school applications and other documents related to the operation and/or authorizing of charter schools.

Charter School Receiver RFA

15-16 RFP Business Consultation


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