August 23, 2017 SPCSA Board Meeting Support Docs

Agenda Item 2 - Approval of the July 28, 2017 SPCSA Action Minutes

July 28, 2017 SPCSA Action Minutes

Agenda Item 3 - Continuation of the May 25, 26, 27 Public Hearing to make a determination regarding whether to take action regarding the Notices sent to Nevada Connections Academy on September 30, 2016 and February 10, 2017. Pursuant to the Notice of Intent issued to Nevada Connections Academy on September 30, 2016 and the Notice pursuant to NRS 388A.330 issued on February 10, 2017 and in accordance with NRS 388A.330, the Board will consider whether the deficiencies included in the Notice of Intent and Notice pursuant to NRS 388A.330 have been corrected to the satisfaction of the Board. Possible Actions include a determination that the deficiencies have or have not been corrected to the satisfaction of the Board.

SPCSA Closing Argument

SPCSA Closing Argument

SPCSA Closing Argument Attachments

Nevada Connections Academy Closing Argument

NCA Closing Argument

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NCA Closing Argument Exhibit D

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Nevada Connections Academy Exhibits

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE When reviewing the exhibits for Nevada Connections Academy, please use the title in the link. When opening documents you may see a different letter than what the link shows. This occurred because these documents were used in prior hearings. All Exhibit Titles are correct in the link title and should be referred to when discussing or viewing the document.

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Supplemental 5 Part 3

Agenda Item 4 - Set date for continuation of hearing to hear evidence and argument regarding whether to reconstitute the governing body, revoke the written charter or take no action if the Board finds in favor of the Authority in the matter considered under Agenda Item 3

Agenda Item 5 - Consideration and Possible Approval of Adopting the Nevada School Performance Framework issued by the Department of Education as the Authority Academic Performance Framework for 2015-16

NSPF Recommendation Report

Agenda 6 - Review and Discussion of Board Long-range Calendar

Draft Long-Range Calendar

Agenda Item 7 - Update on Fall Charter Amendment Notices of Intent Submitted by Deadline Pursuant to R089- 16A

Fall Charter Amendment Letters of Intent Recommendation Report

Agenda Item 8 - Update on Discovery Receivership

Discovery Receiver Update Report

Agenda Item 9 - Staffing Update

Staffing Recommendation Report