Agenda Item 2 - Approval of the August 23, 2017 SPCSA Action Minutes

Agenda Item 3 - Revisions to Board and Agency Duties, Policies and Procedures

Agenda Item 4 - Update regarding the Nevada School Performance Framework

Agenda Item 5 - Consideration of board’s nomination to Governor Sandoval of three candidates to be appointed as Executive Director of SPCSA

Agenda Item 7 - Argent Preparatory Academy Receiver Update

Agenda Item 8 - Financial Framework Update

Agenda Item 9 - Authority Board Calendar review

Agenda Item 10 - Consideration of proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law for the initial phase of the hearings regarding the Notice of Intent to Revoke the Written Charter of Nevada Connections Academy of September 30, 2016 and the Notice Pursuant to NRS 388A.330(1)(e) of February 10, 2017

Agenda Item 12 - Review and possible approval of the Special Education Memorandum of Understanding

Agenda Item 13 - Review and possible approval of the Pre-K Memorandum of Understanding

Agenda Item 14 - Consideration of the Athlos Academy of Reno Charter Application Recommendation Report

Agenda Item 15 - Consideration of The Keahi Charter School application Recommendation Report

Agenda Item 16 - Consideration of American Leadership Academy - North Las Vegas request for a charter amendment to contract with a new Educational Management Organization

Agenda Item 17 - Consideration of the American Preparatory Academy Facility Amendment

Agenda Item 18 - Doral Academy of Northern Nevada Facility Update

Agenda Item 19 - Ethics Presentation